Should I visit La Jolla or La Joya?

Wait. Where and what is La Jolla?

Maybe you have listen about La Jolla, a beautiful place in San Diego, California in front the Pacific Ocean coast

La Jolla is an excellent place to swim but also a great place to take surf lessons because it has waves big enough to surf but not so big to be dangerous.

And, if you love nature, La Jolla cove is the best place you can visit. Sea lions and seals are commonly there and besides that you can have a snorkel tour exploring the sandy and rocky reef in the area’s ecological reserve where you are surrounded by garibaldi, harmless leopard sharks and various other reef fish.

Talking about food, you can find every kind of food. If you want a hamburger, you could go to BURGER LOUNGE (perfect for families) or HENNESSEY’S LA JOLLA (Casual spot with an Irish feel great for a late-night dinner).

If you want seafood, GEORGE’S AT THE COVE is the perfect place, where there is a gorgeous  view of the ocean. Even you can find international food: Italian, french, mexican or japanese.  Is important to say that most restaurants only have pick-up service for sanitary measures.

But, have you ever listened about “La Joya?

Let’s now meet this new and mystery place called: La Joya.

La Joya is a hotel in Isla Mujeres, México, a paradise in the Mexican Caribbean, in front of wonderful crystalline and turquoise waters where you can witness the 1st sun rays who touch Mexico every morning.

This is the place to come to enjoy a relaxing island break. But don’t worry if you want something more savage, it is 20 minutes by ferry to Cancun.

Hotel la joya front view
A place to witness the 1st sun rays who touch Mexico every morning.

One of the best things you can do is rent a golf cart because that way you can tour the entire island.

After you rent a golf cart, you  can go to Punta Sur, the tallest point of the island, where there is an incredible viewpoint  and cliffs. The ideal place to take photos.By the other side is Punta Norte, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and main beach on Isla Mujeres where you can just relax and enjoy the day. A curious fact is that this was the first point that the Spanish conquerors touched, back in 1517.

What can I do in La Joya?

Do you like snorkeling? Well, you’re going to love the natural reef park “Garrafon”. There live a lot of marine species, from starfish to fish of all sizes. We strongly recommend using biodegradable sunscreen to avoid damaging the corals and avoid touching the species in the reef.

But if you want a one in a life experience, Whale sharks are waiting for you!

If you need more information about this or want to know other incredible activities, La Joya staff will be glad to answer all your questions.

Traditional Mexican cuisine since 2010 is an intangible cultural heritage, and, in this area, you could find unique mexican food like Tikin Xic.

Tikin Xic is a huge, freshly caught,  marinated and grilled fish; usually accompanied with a side of rice, salad and habanero sauce. The habanero sauce is optional, but don’t lose the chance to taste it, just be careful.

And that’s only the most popular dish in the island. You could find any kind of real mexican food like:
Tacos, Kibis, cochinita, pozole, tortas, chilaquiles and a lot of freshly seafood brought from the sea every day!

So, why not visiting “La Joya” this holidays?

In La joya you will have all the incredible activities of Isla mujeres in just a few minutes. And even better, La joya is in a very privileged place in front of the sea. You can rest under a small cliff overlooking the sea, next to a secluded cove. Just imagine the view in front of your eyes every time you look at the window. You can’t get tired of it.

Another interesting thing in La Joya is a pool in front the beach and beach umbrellas where you can relax.Don’t know how to get there?

That’s not a problem. La Joya offers airport transfer, you only have to worry about is to arrive to Cancun International Airport. Booking on our website and knowing what activity you will do first. Not feeling in the mood to go outside? just enjoy your room with our room service, a massage and free Wi-Fi. Also take the opportunity to share your photos.

ocean view balcony in hotel la joya

And what about Covid-19?

In La Joya, we have a strict sanitizing measures in order to make your vacation safe and enjoyable.

  • Physical distancing. We add signs to maintain a SAFETY DISTANCE of at least 6 feet of separation from fellow guests all the time.
  • We place HAND SANITIZING STATIONS all around the properties.
  • PRIVATE ROOMS are being disinfected and sealed for your protection to ensure you are the first to enter the room after it is CLEANED and DISINFECTED.
  • Complimentary FACE MASKS are available at the front desk.
  • The TEMPERATURE of all our arriving guests will be scanned.

There you go.

A new experience is ready for you here in La Joya. Do not miss the opportunity to visit another country.

You will love swiming in the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean in the company of incredible sea creatures unique to the area and taste a world recognized food made with the origin recipes.

We are waiting for you. Book your room now.


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